By divaya

Meal Planning


Get some tips on creating an easy meal plan to ensure that you have a variety of foods to choose from and you’re eating the right foods in the right portions. 


Why is meal planning essential?

It saves us time wasted during grocery trips. If we have a list on hand, shopping for our supply needs, especially our meals and ingredients is a lot easier. Through proper meal planning, we spend less and we get to have healthy meal ideas for the week.


  1. Spend time each week taking notes of your favorite meals.

You can browse through websites for recipes that you want to do by yourself and then make a list.


  1. Ask your family including the kids what they like to eat.

Get your family involved in meal planning. This way, you get a better idea on which food to serve for the entire week.


  1. Create a simple recipe.

Create your own recipe out of the list you gathered. Who knows, you might create your own improvised version. 


  1. Schedule a shopping day and purchase items on your list all at once.

Check what’s on sale. You can do this through online markets and websites. You may do your online meal shopping at where you can also get ideas on recipes and meal plans. By doing so, you can save a little money and spend it on other important things.


  1. Invest in good food containers and plan for leftovers.

This is important in meal planning. A good food container to keep your leftovers and save them for next day’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you don’t want it right away, you can store them in your freezer.


  1. Keep a well stocked pantry.

We all know that meals are easier to prepare if we have a well stocked pantry. This includes spices, herbs and condiments. Also, don’t ever run out of healthy fats or oil such as olive, coconut and palm oil that you may use for cooking.


  1. Choose your main dishes for the week.

Cooking a big batch of food is a great choice because you can recycle the leftover for the next day’s meal.


  1. Make the most out of your freezer.

Freezers are our best friend. We can store our leftover soups, chicken or steak and serve them even after a month and still look fresh and yummy! 

Stock up your freezer for quick meals that you can serve anytime.


  1. Label and organize.

Of course, label your stocked foods. If not too much of your time, put the date when you first opened the meal so you’ll know which one to consume first.


  1. Have some new recipes delivered.

Needless to say, it’s also a convenience for anyone to order food online. Aside from getting the best new recipes available in the market, it’s also the convenience of staying at home. 


At you’ll get the chance to pick the healthiest meal available that matches your diet.