By divaya



If you are into muscle growth or your main goal is to look fit and toned, it not just involves weight lifting but also a diet rich in muscle building foods. These are foods rich in protein, carbs, and fats. 


By incorporating these foods into your diet, it will not only help you lose weight but also aids in rapid weight loss giving you a more toned body. 


Cutting calories and skipping meals is not the answer if you want to gain muscles but choosing the best foods to help you build a musculine body. 


Now grab your dumbbell and weight lifting equipment and include these foods to boost your muscle gain. 



Eating whole eggs after a workout provides a greater muscle-building response than eating egg whites alone. Hard-boiled eggs are the best healthy food option needed for muscle recovery and building minerals such as calcium and zinc. If you are lifting weight regularly, eggs are the best source of protein.



This is one of the ideal muscle-building foods. Whether you are building muscles or burning fat, chicken breast is an ideal food source. Aside from its flavorful taste, chicken breast blends nicely in whatever food you want to cook it with. The versatility of the chicken is a huge positive in terms of preparing a meal after every workout session. Most bodybuilders are more focused on eating chicken breast because of the health benefits that it provides.



Beef is packed with high-quality protein. Some studies show that consuming lean red meat can increase the lean mass gained with weight lifting. Bodybuilders are more focused on taking enough proteins each day to help their muscles grow bigger and stronger. Beef is more than just a piece of protein but it is a number one source of iron and zinc which is an important muscle-building nutrient.



This is a surprising post-workout snack and meal. Sweet potatoes consist of carbs, vitamin c, potassium, and other nutrients. It is important to replenish the energy and nutrients that we lose after a heavy workout. Any recipe with sweet potatoes will do. 



Plain natural yogurt or greek yogurt contains a good amount of calcium that the body needs after a workout. It is also rich in protein that may help build muscle mass. If you are into bodybuilding, yogurt must be included in your shopping list all the time. Yogurt when combined with fruits contains carbohydrates to burn during an intense workout. 


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